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I'm Still Having Problems With Tracking, Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Firstly, ensure you have read and followed the tips in the related article 'What can I do to make sure my transactions are tracked'?

In addition, try the following:

1/ Use a dedicated browser

Some of our members find it useful to use a dedicated browser just for VeggieVision Cashback. This helps make the necessary cookie and security settings manageable. We recommend you use Firefox

2/ Disable pop-up blockers

Some retailers use pop-ups to communicate important information about your order and to call tracking codes.

When making a purchase from a VeggieVision Cashback retailer try disabling your pop up blocker.

3/ Disable ad-blocking

Ad-blocking is often bundled as a feature with anti-virus software (including Norton, McAfee and Zone Alarm). This feature is designed to minimise the amount of banner adverts displayed when you visit websites, however, it sometimes also blocks the tracking information we require to award your cashback.

Please ensure you disable all ad-blocking functions you might have installed on your PC when using VeggieVision Cashback.

4/ Corporate and Educational Firewalls

If your PC is on a network then the firewall settings might be increasing your privacy settings and blocking cookies.

We recommend that if this is the case that you do not use these institution's computers when using VeggieVision Cashback.
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